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@ciara I know the premiere was supposed to happen tomorrow! Because of this I’m going to give it to you early!! Enjoy! Love Ciara


What yall think?? Hit or miss??

Personally, I like it.. it’s different but it suits her.

Comment. Copy/Paste link to your Facebook and Twitter.. this is only the 2nd exclusive release (the 1st was moments ago on her Twitter!

This princess of hip hop is making her way back to the top of the charts… definitely not a one hit wonder! Ciara will be releasing her new album Basic Instinct very soon but check out Ultimate Ciara for more information and updates. In the meantime check out her video “Ride” featuring Ludacris.. as sensual as the song is she doesn’t neglect to remind us that she is definitely a dancer! All around performer!

There will always be beef in the industry.. that is nothing new. 
Lowkey though I think Keri Hilson is being a bit timid like she 
couldn’t see that people would perceive it the way they did. But 
I give her props because she has the right mentality for this 
industry. You can’t make it in this industry caring about what 
other people will say… that’s why they’re HATERS!! 
Lol.. keep it up Keri!
This video is way to HOTT not to feature.
The energy is all there and it’s almost orgasmic… LOL!
The new official release date for Fantasy Ride, Ciara’s third album, was April 7 and the album will be released on Jive Records. 

So far, Ciara has released two singles from the album including “Go Girl” featuring T-Pain and most recently “Never Ever” featuring Young Jeezy.

Aside from working on the upcoming album, Ciara has also ventured into other projects which include securing a deal with prominent modeling agency Wilhelmina Models. Ciara will also star in the off-Broadway musical turned film “Mama, I Want To Sing” alongside singer Patti LaBelle.

Ciara’s previous two albums, Goodies and Ciara: The Evolution, were both high-selling albums with Goodies becoming certified three times platinum. Both albums were also able to break into the top five bracket of the Billboard 200 chart. {}  Let’s see where Fantasy Ride goes….