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What is it with people making comments about Haiti?

ESPN fired former NBA player Paul Shirley from his position as a sports blogger for a blog he wrote on another website criticizing Haiti relief efforts and the victims of the Jan. 12 earthquake.

In the blog Shirley posted on he alleged that Haitians are responsible for their own fate and should bear the brunt of their recovery.

Although some of the comments made by Shirley can seem offensive, I believe that he took a different approach to the Haiti situation and really thought about what may come of the unconditional help being spewed at them. He considered the aftermath based on past experiences. I’m not saying that I support him or the others who are against him, but this article was very well written and I give him kudos for having the balls to say any of it. If you’ve read this far, please take a couple moments to read the actual article he wrote and was fired over.

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