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RAINBOW NOISE ENT. is a hot new record label that works closely with the GLBTQ community. I’m not a lesbian but I highly promote acceptance/understanding of uniqueness. The “gay-bashing” is yet another form of discrimination that this world has been recycling for centuries. Unfortunately, the movement is coming around very slow. I think that it will take more people like me who speak up for them and show adamant support to help push this movement along. Being completely comfortable with a person’s sexuality that is unlike yours is not easy if you only see them as gay, straight, or whatever. Acceptance is about seeing everything that person has to offer as simply a person alone, not as a gay person or Black person or whatever else.

Yung Snazz, a.k.a. Jasmine Lyons, member of The Team,  is a very close friend of mine and I been by her side since before the music and I’ll continue to support her, all of Rainbow Noise Ent. and any other local talent trying to get their voice heard. Check out the artists of this hot new label and their official release of the video “Imma Homo.”

Look past the color of someone’s skin, their sexual orientation, their music or style of clothing preference and see them as a person with dreams and aspirations who also has feelings and just want to be accepted which no one can deny is a common desire of us all.

“RainbowNoise is an entertainment group where lesbian and gay performers have the freedom to make noise.”

Congrats on making it on World Star Hip Hop. Stay up Rainbow Noise Ent.!