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Looks who’s getting STEAMY IN VIBE Magazine! Mhm!

Remember that photographer… Dante Marshall ?? This is one of my photos from the shoot.. I’m pleased but I want more! LOL… I will admit, I was a bit nervous but I was born for the cameras! Jitters went away soon as I stepped on the set. Now, when I go again it’ll be way more fun. Comments? ♥ xo.

This man is an artist, truly. Full of passion for the art he creates. He’s been doing photography for a little over four years now and is already pretty well known. Recently, he promoted an annual $10 photoshoot in which tons of people attended. Big Sean was present to shoot for his mixtape cover. Crowd surfing and everything.. lol. I was there.! It was a good time… I’m just waiting for my proofs. Keep checking for them.!

(pictures courtesy of Joseph McFashion of Casino Family Via Surreal Legacy… see

I predict Dante Marshall will have a great 2010… don’t you? Check here for more of his work. And for words from the man himself… click here. Enjoy!

What do you think about the Kardashian sisters’ photoshoot?