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This video was uploaded to on October 15.. just a few short weeks ago and has reached 16,550,000+ views already.. and that just on her Vevo account, doesn’t include other people’s accounts.  I’ve heard many people say that she shouldn’t be in the industry at such a young age (10).. but I beg to differ.  That’s really hypocritical considering kids start modeling and acting when they’re like babies.  Is it wrong because her song is popular in the club?  If that’s the justification behind saying she shouldn’t be a recording artist then that’s a load of crap.

Willow Smith, just like her brother, comes from very talented parents, so why not follow in their footsteps, whatever the age?  Starting young is the way to go nowadays.  A lot of people are trying to break into the entertainment industry but are failing, partly because of lack of talent but age is a very big factor, it seems.  This young artist, just got signed to Jay-Z’s label RocNation and I, personally, hope that her career is very promising down the road. This song go hard!