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The Tru Great Lakers are a new hip hop group that calm onto the music scene in Detroit by force. These guys have been putting out good music since day one. Q gives us that raw lyrical talent, Manny has that cool calm feel to his flow and Gill has that quirky fun flow that we all have come to love. Jasmine, new fellow writer of this blog, conducted an interview with the guys.  Take a look.. she says, “I had the chance to get these guys to open to us and tell the world somethings about themselves.”

Meet The Tru Great Lakers

Cris Music & Ent.: Tell us a little about yourself?

TGL: We are a 3 man young hip hop group from Detroit.

Cris Music & Ent.: Where did u get your stage name from?

TGL: We wanted to represent the whole state of Michigan. Some artist get so hung up on reppin one area so that’s how Great Lakers came along and we gone always stay tru to the state, the game, and our supporters.

Cris Music & Ent.: How long have you been doing music?

TGL: We have always been doing it.

TGL: We just started doing it as a complete group towards the end of 2009

Cris Music & Ent.: What or who got you into music?

TGL: Q: My uncle Obie inspired me I got a chance to experiment a lot from him and his group. He was in the 4 tops. Manny: Really my moms taste in music, I grew up on Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, my mom and my cousins. Gill: Well ever since I was a little baby I was banging on pots and pans lol

Cris Music & Ent.: Where do you want to take your career?

TGL: Really as far as we can. Far enough to take care of our fam.

Cris Music & Ent.: Are you working on any new projects?

TGL: Hell yeah lol, we got so many things in the works. We just started working on the third TGL mixtape. It’s in the infant stages still but we got a track or two already in the making. Q has a solo tape dropping probably before this gets published called JUICE. Manny is dropping a tape in the spring called Out My Mind; Just In Time. Gill is workin on his production skills.

Cris Music & Ent.:Where can people go to check out your music?


Cris Music & Ent.: How do you feel about the state of hip hop today?

TGL: Its evolving. It’s not bad now but we think it needs to get back to the old days. More unity more talent, less n*ggas doin it just because it looks cool

Cris Music & Ent.: Do you think that you can make a positive impact on the game?

TGL: Yea we’ve got a team behind us.. we’re all hungry and talented. Our music promotes having fun, laughing, and just enjoying and appreciating life

Bonus questions

Cris Music & Ent.: Who are some artist that you would like to work with and why?

TGL: Earlly Mac, Fergie, Em, Erykah Badu, Pimp C, Pac

Cris Music & Ent.: Who is the best artist in Detroit right now? Is it you?

TGL: We are. We’re the best group, with the three best artists in it. You wanna know who the second best is?? Lol

Check out one of my favorite songs ( by them off their last mixtape which u can download here:
Also, be sure to follow them on Twitter and check out their YouTube account.