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Ashton Kutcher, one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE celebrities, is looking for a VP of Pop Culture! I’ve been watching Ashton Kutcher since That 70’s Show and I’ve seen EVERY movie he’s been in, most recently No Strings Attached (love it!). Anyway, about the competition… Candidates have to be technology savvy.. Twitter, Facebook, any media outlets.. such as blogs.. like mine! The job pays $50,000! That is music to my ears!

Check out this video promotion of the competition for the job position.


What does Cris have to say about “RELATIONSHIPS??”

@CrisCris_ENT People dont like getting into relationships where they cant readily have sex.. if they gotta drive more than 20 min for sex they dont wanna be bothered.

@CrisCris_ENT People’d rather get n2 relationships that are mediocre just so that they get the “full package” on a regular basis.. quantity vs quality?

@CrisCris_ENT It’s no wonder so many people are breaking up nowadays.. smh. One day yall will understand..

@CrisCris_ENT Until then I guess our world will be full of mediocre relationships thriving off sex and “in the moment” attention.. smh lol……. I guess.

@CrisCris_ENT #ATTENTION Male followers: What do you consider a solid relationship that you’d cut all else off for?

@CrisCris_ENT I’m tired of hearing “niggas aint sh*t”.. “f*ck him”.. etc. If yall knew what was to be expected maybe we wouldn’t have relationship issues.

@CrisCris_ENT And #ATTENTION females: What do you really want?? Be real about your sh*t.. niggas don’t like being confused lol

@CrisCris_ENT If you want exclusivity then speak the f*ck up and if he don’t then keep it pushin’.. stop settling and getting mad when it dont work out.

@CrisCris_ENT #GUYS.. If a girl tell you to be REAL w her.. Be REAL.. smh. If u ready to move on then move on.. DONT lead her on!

@CrisCris_ENT And #LADIES.. if u tell a dude to be real w u.. Be ready for the truth and sh*t the #truthhurts sometimes but I promise it wont kill ya lol


HAHAHAA.. There’s more to come… go and check it out for yourself >> @CrisCris_ENT << follow me! I follow back!!

Snazzy is a lesbian {stud} born and raised in Detroit that’s trying to deliver good quality music made by a lesbian but is something that everyone can listen to. Snazzy has been rapping since about 8th grade. As she got older her skills improved yet she kept her talent hidden until now. Her talent is raw and just plain good. Snazzy thinks that there are no real lesbian rappers who can spit so she has to make her mark in the history books. History starts here. Mixtape coming soon!!

Follow her on Twitter @YungSnazz for live Updates and performance information.

Check out her Fan page on Facebook by clicking here. Listen to her songs and get a feel of new talent in the making!

I woke up early this morning and started thinking of another way that I can make money using my God-given talents. I decided that I would start doing hair again. I created business cards and everything… Now, the blog about Top Notch Styles is not up to par yet, but it will be soon. In the meantime, check out Top Notch Styles via Facebook.

"Beauty in the Making"