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Chris Brown‘s new album, since Exclusive in 2008, is scheduled to be released in just a few weeks on March 22nd. The album will be called F.A.M.E. featuring the hit songs we’ve all heard “Look at Me Now,” “Deuces,” and “No Bullsh*t.” These songs have been in heavy rotation on the radio stations so hopefully his entire album is fire.. Fire Album = High Sales/Downloads. He has collaborated with several different artists for this album.

Blonde?! Some people are so crazed about him dyeing his hair blonde that the story made CNN. Seriously people? There isn’t enough wrong with the world that the only story you came up with was about this man’s hair?? We shake our heads in disgust. As a personal opinion, it’s an extreme look yet he pulls it off well.

Chris Brown’s site Mechanical Dummy is a great way to understand the creativity he’s working with. It features fashion, arts and culture, and music (not just from him). It’s nice to see that artists are not just about themselves and fame doesn’t totally consume them. Speaking of fame, the F.A.M.E. tour is going to start in Australia and I’m sure will make its way back to us here in the states. Get your tickets before they are sold out!

New Face.. New sound.!

This NEW hip hop and r&b sensation, known as K’la the Lyricist, is making her way into the entertainment mix one song at a time. Her most recent radio hit “All Your Love” is topping charts. I personally can’t wait to hear what’s next. Her sound is a mix between old school Alicia Keys, back when she wore the braids, plus a little Erykah Badu. When she raps it’s just different.. new but old at the same time.

She is definitely a solid vocal threat to the industry and is already signed to Music Line Entertainment, LLC.

Check in to her Twitter @klathelyricist to stay posted.

Download her mixtape for free.

Here’s a sneak peek of her mixtape, The Coldest Winter Ever, promotional video.

So Chris Brown is getting back on the scene.. not to say he ever left but we all know that society kind of shunned him a little after the incident with Rihanna. Anyway, he’s making changes to his sound left and right. Rapping.. more pop.. everything. My roommate and I were listening to this song and she said that this song “Yeah 3x” doesn’t work for Mr. Chris Brown; said that “he doin’ too much… and what’s with the Bermuda shorts” (lol)

I beg to differ. I think he’s stepping outside of the box. People get tired of hearing the same type of stuff all the time. I felt like he took a chance with this song. Whether it plays in his favor I guess will be up to the public, but I can definitely see this song played in the club or a warehouse blowout party with glow sticks and whatnot (lol).

Point is… it’s a good way to break away from what people stereotype Black men to sing or rap about. This song is hot! Check it out for yourself…

So it’s been a couple months since I did a “Feature Friday.” It’s been difficult to find awesome talent that really deserves to be exploited. I found one though and I’m totally diggin’ his swag! Music is sooo different but so HIP HOP! I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Haziq Ali in person but he’s a good dude. Definitely someone to collaborate with. Check him out!!

Can music have a message and still move the crowd? It’s an age-old question in rap. While some have their doubts, D.C. rapper Haziq Ali knows it’s possible. Already, along with his business partner-in-rhyme Tabi Bonney, this innovative wordsmith is forging a new rap renaissance built on thoughtful lyrics that dont abandon hot beats and party anthems, the bedrock of successful contemporary rap music. “I’m really tryin’ to be that perfect mixture between the streets and the spirit, somebody called what I make ‘U-Can-Do-It! Music’, and I loved that… with so much going on in the world, people deserve to be inspired”, Haziq says.

Ali, who currently splits his time between D.C., and Atlanta, wants to push rap’s boundaries in other ways as well. While recognizing that sampling has been an important staple of rap, and has played a key role in its success, Ali wants to create more opportunities for live musicians in the genre. This live sound, popular in the south, is a key element to his emerging sound. He says, “I want to combine down south musical sensibilities with up north-East Coast lyricism and word play.”

If there is one rap tradition Ali has followed wholeheartedly without hesitation, it’s performing live. From New York City to North Carolina to Atlanta, Ali has honed the skills of the live show, which includes tours like Rock The Bells with 50 Cent, Killer Mike, Kanye West, Dead Prez, and others.  Haziq’s incomparable delivery has also captured the ear of music lovers worldwide through heavy circulation on the hottest mixtapes by DJ Rondevu, DJ Scream and Big Mike among other heavyweight notables.

Be sure to log onto to watch as Ali showcases his ability to move the crowd.

Also check out some more of Haziq Ali‘s music below. -Freedom -We Flyin -Get Down -Vans rmx ft Lil Wayne

Vote! Vote! Vote!

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Vote for @YungSnazz on its only two clicks doesn’t take much time.. CLICK>> click Yung Snazz! Voting ends at 10 pm tonight!!! Thanks! And her feature here

Snazzy is a lesbian {stud} born and raised in Detroit that’s trying to deliver good quality music made by a lesbian but is something that everyone can listen to. Snazzy has been rapping since about 8th grade. As she got older her skills improved yet she kept her talent hidden until now. Her talent is raw and just plain good. Snazzy thinks that there are no real lesbian rappers who can spit so she has to make her mark in the history books. History starts here. Mixtape coming soon!!

Follow her on Twitter @YungSnazz for live Updates and performance information.

Check out her Fan page on Facebook by clicking here. Listen to her songs and get a feel of new talent in the making!

This man is an artist, truly. Full of passion for the art he creates. He’s been doing photography for a little over four years now and is already pretty well known. Recently, he promoted an annual $10 photoshoot in which tons of people attended. Big Sean was present to shoot for his mixtape cover. Crowd surfing and everything.. lol. I was there.! It was a good time… I’m just waiting for my proofs. Keep checking for them.!

(pictures courtesy of Joseph McFashion of Casino Family Via Surreal Legacy… see

I predict Dante Marshall will have a great 2010… don’t you? Check here for more of his work. And for words from the man himself… click here. Enjoy!