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Lesbian Rappers??

Posted: May 9, 2009 in Young Cake

The rap game has forever been dominated by men since the beginning of it all. Women soon came onto the scene of hip hop and changed the face of it. Mc Lyte and Queen Latifah are just a few of those that came first. Soon Lil Kim and Trina types came along. What about lesbian rappers? There have never really been any openly lesbian stud type rappers in the industry or on a major label. I think that this rarely seen specie will be coming into the spotlight pretty soon. Take the up and coming Stud Rapper from Detroit by the name of Young Cake for instance. Cake has been rapping since the young age of 11 and she has been buzzing since. With her recently released mixtape entitled the Remixes which you can find on imeem, she is showing the world where and what real rappers are. Keep ya eye on this one because she’s young and ready to takeover when your not looking.