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“…Expressing gratitude toward them on his blog site at:, He stated, ‘First of all, I want to thank everybody for their consistent love and support over the past 6 years! I’m so happy to be back in the studio making music.'”

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the hits “Get It In” and “Hoodie.” But this weekend you can hear all of Omarion’s new album “Ollusion” before it hits stores on Tuesday.

Melody Thorton and Rihanna are seen here sporting some very feminine, lingerie inspired styles. Could this be a new fashion for 2010? Let’s see as the year progresses…

Kim Kardashian’s dress is gorgeous! I love the deep v in the back of the dress!


Rocsi Diaz and Terrence J from BET’s 106 & Park

Nicki Minaj and Yo Gotti while on 106 & Park

And the group Black Eyed Peas

Chris Henry’s fiance, Loleini Tonga, will not face any charges stemming from the incident that led to his death. If you remember, news reported that the couple were in an argument and Loleini Tonga attempted to leave in a pick-up truck. Chris Henry jumped on the back of the truck as she was pulling off which caused him to fall off and endure major head trauma.

The incident resulted in his death. “The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Homicide Unit completed its investigation, they announced today, and ‘determined that there was no evidence of reckless driving or excessive speed by Ms. Tonga.'” According to the cops, Tonga was cooperative throughout their investigation.

Jennifer Lopez is seen here on New Years Eve wearing nothing but a rhinestone catsuit. As much as I love this woman’s music and movies, I wonder when does it become too much when you’re a mother of two or does that not matter because it’s part of her job as a celebrity…. just a thought. But don’t get me wrong, she looks hot after having twins.! Love it JLo.! ♥

And below is a comparison of Kelly Rowland and Amber Rose in their metallic catsuits. Amber Rose’s look is a little scary with the snake-like contacts but very few people can pull it off like she did. Kudos to both.!

Lil’ Kim, however, I feel went a bit safe with hers. Black is sexy though but I think people expect more theatre in her outfits based on the past. It’s nice though.

It’s not a good look but it was backstage, who cares… Her music is still tight.

This man is an artist, truly. Full of passion for the art he creates. He’s been doing photography for a little over four years now and is already pretty well known. Recently, he promoted an annual $10 photoshoot in which tons of people attended. Big Sean was present to shoot for his mixtape cover. Crowd surfing and everything.. lol. I was there.! It was a good time… I’m just waiting for my proofs. Keep checking for them.!

(pictures courtesy of Joseph McFashion of Casino Family Via Surreal Legacy… see

I predict Dante Marshall will have a great 2010… don’t you? Check here for more of his work. And for words from the man himself… click here. Enjoy!

I honestly like this song… definitely a street record. Tells the truth of some many who can’t speak for themselves.

Top 100 Videos of 2009

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So the list is out… click here to see what has been published.

Here are the first 10:

1. “Blame It” Jamie Foxx f/ T- Pain
2. “Turnin Me On” Keri Hilson f/ Lil Wayne
3. “Birthday Sex” Jeremih
4. “Knock You Down” Keri Hilson f/ Kanye West and Ne-Yo
5. “Turn My Swagg On” Soulja Boy Tellem
6. “Empire State Of Mind” Jay-Z & Alicia Keys
7. “Break Up” Mario f/ Sean “The Pen” Garrett and Gucci Mane
8. “Successful” Drake And Trey Songz
9. “Pretty Wings” Maxwell
10. “Day “N” Nite” Kid Cudi

What do you think about the list? Anything not on there that you thought should have been?? Anything that you think should be higher or lower on the list??

Personally, I think some videos should have been higher… but whatever. Maybe we’ll do our own top 100 videos at the end of 2010. Hahaha… check for that around this time next year!

Ok so Shaquille O’Neal, of the Cleveland Cavaliers, bought his teammate Lebron James a Phantom Rolls Royce for his 25th birthday (Dec. 30) $434,000.! Nice gift! Although I’m pretty sure Lebron could have bought his own….

I wish I got a gift as nice as this! Shaq will be able to write it off his taxes as charity… that’s smart. But I’m sure he did it as a friend.. lol.

Snoop Dogg’s “I Wanna Rock”

Malice N Wonderland dropped 12.8.09…

Detroit’s own Erica Hayes {Film Director and DJ} dropped her first mixtape 12/31.!

Click hear for free download.! Shit is mad dope.!

Check out his new hit Nothin on You ft. Bruno Mars

The SECRET: “Put God First”

Rihanna performed on New Years Eve wearing this… nice outfit, right? Apparently it was reported that she was paid half a million dollars to perform a concert in Abu Dhabi.

Rihanna was told to “cover it up” so as to not inflict protests in this Muslim region of the world. This is as covered up as it’s gunna get ladies and gentlemen. I mean, at least her breasts aren’t just like “BAM! I’m here!” LOL… all in all, her outfit was hot!

Nice look Rihanna.!