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It’s midterm election day! Have you voted already?? If not, are  you planning to vote??

Make it s point to exercise your RIGHT to vote. We need to affect change by voting otherwise we lose out voice in the community.

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“The widely expected prospect of a Republican takeover of the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate would be warmly welcomed by the banks, who want a break from the regulatory push of the last two years.” -Nelson D. Schwartz, Financial Leaders Expect Shift of Power After Elections (

SIDENOTE: I’m listening to the radio right now… what’s the deal with this racism going on at the polls today?? They calling it “voter repression”… it seems like ever since a non-white candidate was voted into the presidential position in 2008, some of the public is determined to make sure minorities are somehow restricted to vote….. HELLO?! We’ve had rights to vote since 1965. We are not going backwards! C’mon people.. let’s vote fairly and try to better our government based on merit not by cutting off people’s rights.

“[Mr. Samuel] predicted that labor could stop any Republican legislative offensive. ‘When Republicans won control of the House in 1994, they tried to roll back 60 years of labor protections for workers, but we fought them to a stalemate,’ he said. ‘If the Republicans attempt that again, I think this story will repeat itself.'” – Steven Greenhouse, Unions Fear a Rollback of Rights under Republicans (

Anyway, GO OUT AND VOTE! Make sure you know what and whom you are voting for.

Shirley Chisholm (1924-2005) was the first African American woman elected to the House of Representatives. She was elected in 1969 and represented the state of New York. She broke ground again four years later in 1972 when she was the first major party African-American candidate and the first female candidate for president of the United States.

During her first term in Congress, Chisholm hired an all-female staff and spoke out for civil rights, women’s rights, the poor and against the Vietnam War. She was a sought-after public speaker and cofounder of the National Organization for Women (NOW). She remarked that, “Women in this country must become revolutionaries. We must refuse to accept the old, the traditional roles and stereotypes.”

On January 25, 1972, Chisholm announced her candidacy for president. She stood before the cameras and in the beginning of her speech she said,

“I stand before you today as a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the Presidency of the United States. I am not the candidate of black America, although I am black and proud. I am not the candidate of the women’s movement of this country, although I am a woman, and I am equally proud of that. I am not the candidate of any political bosses or special interests. I am the candidate of the people.”

The 1972 Democratic National Convention in Miami was the first major convention in which any woman was considered for the presidential nomination. Although she did not win the nomination, she received 151 of the delegates’ votes. She continued to serve in the House of Representatives until 1983. “After leaving Congress in January 1983, Chisholm helped co-found the National Political Congress of Black Women and campaigned for Jesse Jackson’s presidential bids in 1984 and 1988. She also taught at Mt. Holyoke College in 1983. Though nominated as U.S. Ambassador to Jamaica by President William J. Clinton, Chisholm declined due to ill health. She settled in Palm Coast, Florida, where she wrote and lectured, and died on January 1, 2005, in Ormond Beach, Florida.”

For more information visit Shirley Chisholm’s biography via

The White House will host a civil rights concert to celebrate Black History Month featuring such greats as Smokey Robinson, Natalie Cole, the Blind Boys of Alabama, Queen Latifah and Bob Dylan.

The concert, called “In Performance at the White House: A Celebration of Music From the Civil Rights Movement,” will be on Feb. 11 in the State Dining Room, and is timed to celebrate Black History Month. It will be hosted by Morgan Freeman and Queen Latifah, and will feature songs associated with the civil rights movement as well as readings from famous civil rights speeches.

The concert is the latest event in a music series started last year by First Lady Michelle Obama and will be broadcast on public television and streamed live online at

Forgot Obama was Black??

Posted: January 31, 2010 in Politics

I think that although he may have meant this as a compliment attempting to say that while listening to President Obama’s State of the Union Address, race didn’t matter… it was a poor choice of words.

What is it with people making comments about Haiti?

ESPN fired former NBA player Paul Shirley from his position as a sports blogger for a blog he wrote on another website criticizing Haiti relief efforts and the victims of the Jan. 12 earthquake.

In the blog Shirley posted on he alleged that Haitians are responsible for their own fate and should bear the brunt of their recovery.

Although some of the comments made by Shirley can seem offensive, I believe that he took a different approach to the Haiti situation and really thought about what may come of the unconditional help being spewed at them. He considered the aftermath based on past experiences. I’m not saying that I support him or the others who are against him, but this article was very well written and I give him kudos for having the balls to say any of it. If you’ve read this far, please take a couple moments to read the actual article he wrote and was fired over.

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