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The body type portrayed in advertising as the ideal is possessed naturally by only 5% of American females. (source:

The media portrays views that women [and men] should look, dress, and talk a certain way in order to be accepted by the “general public.” What people fail to realize is that the way the media makes people look is only attained through dieting, surgery, and eating disorders; minus those 5% who naturally became such. Why is it then that so many aspire to be that way? It is not healthy. Dieting is not bad. Surgery is not bad. But once a person crosses the line of improving their health to obsessing over their looks.. a problem has begun.

Many people go through life unsatisfied with who they are and they make changes to fix that feeling. However, in most cases, people lose sight of their own personal goals and suddenly they are trying to please everyone else. So they change their hair, their style of clothing, lose weight (most times by developing an eating disorder), the crowd they hang with (while leaving “true friends” behind), and the list continues. Although the media will not change overnight, it has become the duty of parents, educators, role models to step in and affect change. Youth look up to those whom they wish to be like. If those idols have drug habits, eating disorders, or life altering changes that damage their reputation, it is accounted for. The old saying “even when you think no one’s looking, someone always is” is certainly in effect. It doesn’t matter if you are a rock star, public figure, parent, teacher, older sibling or whatever, someone is always watching you and learning from the things you do and the decisions you make.

It is very important to realize that you can’t force someone to “do the right thing.” The right thing for them may be completely different from what was right for you. However, there are things that are wrong across the board.. common sense. Developing drug/alcohol habits clearly doesn’t lead to a positive outcome. Eating disorders challenge people’s mental state and can ultimately take their lives. Crime also falls along that line. Setting a good example is really the push that anyone needs. Showing support whether you agree with their aspirations or not is also VERY important. If you’re a doctor, scientist, or lawyer and you have a child who wants to pursue theater, music or dance, don’t discourage them. That’s the fastest way to push them in the wrong direction. They might very well find someone else who is a great example and will support them but are willing to take a chance that they might get in with the wrong crowd?

If you’re someone who hasn’t had a good influence, you’re struggling with an eating disorder or drug/alcohol related addiction, you feel like you’ve  never been “good enough”… know that there are people out there with similar problems and people out there who will help you. But you have to want to do better FOR YOURSELF first. The media will always be there looking for the dirtiest story but it’s up to US to affect change.

Be a good influence. Support your loved ones. Do the “right thing.”

The inspiration for this piece came from watching this video by recording artist, Pink called “F**kin Perfect”. Check it out!

It’s 2011.. like it or not and there is no time for laziness!

Whatever you wanted to do in the past but continued to put it off ’til the next day and the next day became next week, then next month.. DO IT NOW!

Stop waiting for a handout. Don’t expect people to always be there for you.. sad truth.

Anything you want to accomplish will only happen if YOU put in the effort and dedication.

Doors may close in your face but it’s up to you to make the necessary adjustments and continue to move forward. Don’t let rejection keep you from making a change in your life.. keep you from achieving success and satisfaction.

Consistency is the key. Without it, I guarantee you will not make it as far as you really could.

Network. Travel. Hang with different crowds. If what you’ve been doing hasn’t worked yet maybe that’s a BIG HINT that you should be taking another route.

I challenge you to MAKE A CHANGE. It’s 2011 baby!


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So Chris Brown is getting back on the scene.. not to say he ever left but we all know that society kind of shunned him a little after the incident with Rihanna. Anyway, he’s making changes to his sound left and right. Rapping.. more pop.. everything. My roommate and I were listening to this song and she said that this song “Yeah 3x” doesn’t work for Mr. Chris Brown; said that “he doin’ too much… and what’s with the Bermuda shorts” (lol)

I beg to differ. I think he’s stepping outside of the box. People get tired of hearing the same type of stuff all the time. I felt like he took a chance with this song. Whether it plays in his favor I guess will be up to the public, but I can definitely see this song played in the club or a warehouse blowout party with glow sticks and whatnot (lol).

Point is… it’s a good way to break away from what people stereotype Black men to sing or rap about. This song is hot! Check it out for yourself…

@ciara I know the premiere was supposed to happen tomorrow! Because of this I’m going to give it to you early!! Enjoy! Love Ciara


What yall think?? Hit or miss??

Personally, I like it.. it’s different but it suits her.

Comment. Copy/Paste link to your Facebook and Twitter.. this is only the 2nd exclusive release (the 1st was moments ago on her Twitter!

This princess of hip hop is making her way back to the top of the charts… definitely not a one hit wonder! Ciara will be releasing her new album Basic Instinct very soon but check out Ultimate Ciara for more information and updates. In the meantime check out her video “Ride” featuring Ludacris.. as sensual as the song is she doesn’t neglect to remind us that she is definitely a dancer! All around performer!

Melody Thorton and Rihanna are seen here sporting some very feminine, lingerie inspired styles. Could this be a new fashion for 2010? Let’s see as the year progresses…

The SECRET: “Put God First”

Merry Christmas! 2009 is almost over…

Posted: December 25, 2009 in General

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Have a great day and please remember the true meaning of Christmas. Over time, people has become so obsessed with giving gifts that the birth of Jesus Christ doesn’t even cross their minds.

2009 will be over in 6 days so plan well and make your 2010 great!

Anyway, much love to you all… God bless!

Choreography by Lizzie Wicks

Posted: December 21, 2009 in Lizzie Wicks
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Not a local… but a badass choreographer from Australia!

Here’s another one…

My favorite thus far…