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Quote of the day.!

Posted: February 3, 2011 in All About Cris, General
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“Let go of the past.. something worthwhile might be right in front of you but you’ll miss it if you don’t look up.”

It’s 2011.. like it or not and there is no time for laziness!

Whatever you wanted to do in the past but continued to put it off ’til the next day and the next day became next week, then next month.. DO IT NOW!

Stop waiting for a handout. Don’t expect people to always be there for you.. sad truth.

Anything you want to accomplish will only happen if YOU put in the effort and dedication.

Doors may close in your face but it’s up to you to make the necessary adjustments and continue to move forward. Don’t let rejection keep you from making a change in your life.. keep you from achieving success and satisfaction.

Consistency is the key. Without it, I guarantee you will not make it as far as you really could.

Network. Travel. Hang with different crowds. If what you’ve been doing hasn’t worked yet maybe that’s a BIG HINT that you should be taking another route.

I challenge you to MAKE A CHANGE. It’s 2011 baby!



What does Cris have to say about “RELATIONSHIPS??”

@CrisCris_ENT People dont like getting into relationships where they cant readily have sex.. if they gotta drive more than 20 min for sex they dont wanna be bothered.

@CrisCris_ENT People’d rather get n2 relationships that are mediocre just so that they get the “full package” on a regular basis.. quantity vs quality?

@CrisCris_ENT It’s no wonder so many people are breaking up nowadays.. smh. One day yall will understand..

@CrisCris_ENT Until then I guess our world will be full of mediocre relationships thriving off sex and “in the moment” attention.. smh lol……. I guess.

@CrisCris_ENT #ATTENTION Male followers: What do you consider a solid relationship that you’d cut all else off for?

@CrisCris_ENT I’m tired of hearing “niggas aint sh*t”.. “f*ck him”.. etc. If yall knew what was to be expected maybe we wouldn’t have relationship issues.

@CrisCris_ENT And #ATTENTION females: What do you really want?? Be real about your sh*t.. niggas don’t like being confused lol

@CrisCris_ENT If you want exclusivity then speak the f*ck up and if he don’t then keep it pushin’.. stop settling and getting mad when it dont work out.

@CrisCris_ENT #GUYS.. If a girl tell you to be REAL w her.. Be REAL.. smh. If u ready to move on then move on.. DONT lead her on!

@CrisCris_ENT And #LADIES.. if u tell a dude to be real w u.. Be ready for the truth and sh*t the #truthhurts sometimes but I promise it wont kill ya lol


HAHAHAA.. There’s more to come… go and check it out for yourself >> @CrisCris_ENT << follow me! I follow back!!

LMAO of the day.!

Posted: April 17, 2010 in All About Cris

Last night I partied with some friends…. this is what happened after I went to sleep… lol

Apparently these fools decided they wanted to make cookies but instead of putting the cookies on a baking sheet, they used my PLASTIC cutting board… of course it was a disaster.

We had to scrape the melted cutting board off the bottom of the oven and off of the racks with knives.. smh. LMAO! I love my friends!

My 21st Birthday!!

Posted: March 29, 2010 in All About Cris
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Hey Hey!

March 25th was my 21st Birthday…

(that’s why I’ve been absent from updating)

I went out with my “ABC girls” and had the best time ever.

Partied all weekend and spent time with my family.

I am very grateful to have survived another year and I’m looking forward to many more.

Anyone who is an Aries or has a March birthday…

Happy Birthday fellow March-baby ♥

Check out some of my pics!

Hey visitors!

View the face behind Cris Music & Ent.

Most of my posts have been about music, history, fashion, etc.

But now.. let’s talk about Cris, shall we..

I am a college student currently majoring in International Business. My passion lies with entertainment and I haven’t lost site of that although my major speaks differently. Once I graduate.. regardless of what avenue I decide to take.. I will be an entrepreneur. So I encourage you to remember my face and name now. {smiles}

I am open to any suggestions and constructive criticism to improve my site, just contact me. I hope that you all enjoy all that has been posted and ALL that is to come. Enjoy!

Fun with the Roomies!

Posted: January 29, 2010 in All About Cris, General

This one is quite hilarious!! Just watch for yourself…. LMAO!

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Update on pricing:

  • Cornrolls $10+ (depending on style)
  • w/ extensions $20+ (depending on style)
  • Single braids $100
  • Micro braids $125
  • Press & curl $20
  • Up-dos $25+ (depending on style)
  • Sew-ins $50
  • Trim/Split end fix $5
  • Cut (men/women) $10

Check out the site: Top Notch Styles. It’s under construction but things are coming along fine.

Yorkshire Terrier!

Posted: January 18, 2010 in All About Cris, General

I want a Yorkshire Terrier so bad… they’re sooo cute! This one is in Ohio just waiting for me I know.. lol but I have other things that need to be taken care of first (sad face). Unless, someone wants to get it or one like it for meee.. haha!

Remember that photographer… Dante Marshall ?? This is one of my photos from the shoot.. I’m pleased but I want more! LOL… I will admit, I was a bit nervous but I was born for the cameras! Jitters went away soon as I stepped on the set. Now, when I go again it’ll be way more fun. Comments? ♥ xo.

Party! Party! Party!

Posted: January 10, 2010 in All About Cris
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I am considering having a party on the Detroit Princess Riverboat… upscale type, grown and sexy. I want to know if you would like to be invited? If so, just as a heads up, there is a ticket price. But let me know, I want to hear people’s thoughts of the idea. The party will include live entertainment from Detroit’s finest local artists, a private deck, hors d’oeuvres, 3 hour cruise along the Detroit river, and so much more.

I’m looking for your comments…. so comment. lol. Thanks, xo.

“The ad shows a very distressed white guy, surrounded by a crowd of black people at a cricket match, who wonders, “Need a tip when you’re stuck in an awkward situation?” He gets out of the “awkward situation” by handing them a bucket of chicken.” Click on the link below for the full story.


via KFC Ad — OK for Australia, Racist for US?.

I woke up early this morning and started thinking of another way that I can make money using my God-given talents. I decided that I would start doing hair again. I created business cards and everything… Now, the blog about Top Notch Styles is not up to par yet, but it will be soon. In the meantime, check out Top Notch Styles via Facebook.

"Beauty in the Making"