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Miley Cyrus is no longer little Hannah Montana, folks! Just like Lindsay Lohan grew up from her role in The Parent Trap… girls grow up.. their clothes change.. and you have to adapt. She can’t always be Disney’s Hannah Montana.. yet her performance at the Teen’s Choice Awards raises eyebrows and uproar. Short shorts and body rolling doesn’t make these girls look like sluts — it makes them normal teenage girls! Normal teenage girls wear short shorts and dance like this (sometimes worse, lol) so why is she being ridiculed??

Some say she was pole dancing… I’ve never been to a strip club before but I’m sure her one dip while holding the pole won’t qualify her a job at Deja Vu.. lol.. I’m laughing because I think it’s ridiculous how people can make such huge notions of something so little. She was holding onto the pole while standing on a cart that was being pushed around to hold her balance. When her moves get provocative and she really comes close to wearing nothing, then we’ll talk.. lol. Let her grow up!