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@ciara I know the premiere was supposed to happen tomorrow! Because of this I’m going to give it to you early!! Enjoy! Love Ciara


What yall think?? Hit or miss??

Personally, I like it.. it’s different but it suits her.

Comment. Copy/Paste link to your Facebook and Twitter.. this is only the 2nd exclusive release (the 1st was moments ago on her Twitter!

Be sure to check out Travie McCoy‘s new album Lazarus and new single “Need You”. Also follow up with his website Travie McCoy | Official Website it’s super dope!

from Gym Class Heroes

CB rappin yall…. his sex appeal just went way up, lol… check it out!

This princess of hip hop is making her way back to the top of the charts… definitely not a one hit wonder! Ciara will be releasing her new album Basic Instinct very soon but check out Ultimate Ciara for more information and updates. In the meantime check out her video “Ride” featuring Ludacris.. as sensual as the song is she doesn’t neglect to remind us that she is definitely a dancer! All around performer!

So it’s been a couple months since I did a “Feature Friday.” It’s been difficult to find awesome talent that really deserves to be exploited. I found one though and I’m totally diggin’ his swag! Music is sooo different but so HIP HOP! I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Haziq Ali in person but he’s a good dude. Definitely someone to collaborate with. Check him out!!

Can music have a message and still move the crowd? It’s an age-old question in rap. While some have their doubts, D.C. rapper Haziq Ali knows it’s possible. Already, along with his business partner-in-rhyme Tabi Bonney, this innovative wordsmith is forging a new rap renaissance built on thoughtful lyrics that dont abandon hot beats and party anthems, the bedrock of successful contemporary rap music. “I’m really tryin’ to be that perfect mixture between the streets and the spirit, somebody called what I make ‘U-Can-Do-It! Music’, and I loved that… with so much going on in the world, people deserve to be inspired”, Haziq says.

Ali, who currently splits his time between D.C., and Atlanta, wants to push rap’s boundaries in other ways as well. While recognizing that sampling has been an important staple of rap, and has played a key role in its success, Ali wants to create more opportunities for live musicians in the genre. This live sound, popular in the south, is a key element to his emerging sound. He says, “I want to combine down south musical sensibilities with up north-East Coast lyricism and word play.”

If there is one rap tradition Ali has followed wholeheartedly without hesitation, it’s performing live. From New York City to North Carolina to Atlanta, Ali has honed the skills of the live show, which includes tours like Rock The Bells with 50 Cent, Killer Mike, Kanye West, Dead Prez, and others.  Haziq’s incomparable delivery has also captured the ear of music lovers worldwide through heavy circulation on the hottest mixtapes by DJ Rondevu, DJ Scream and Big Mike among other heavyweight notables.

Be sure to log onto to watch as Ali showcases his ability to move the crowd.

Also check out some more of Haziq Ali‘s music below. -Freedom -We Flyin -Get Down -Vans rmx ft Lil Wayne