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What does Cris have to say about “RELATIONSHIPS??”

@CrisCris_ENT People dont like getting into relationships where they cant readily have sex.. if they gotta drive more than 20 min for sex they dont wanna be bothered.

@CrisCris_ENT People’d rather get n2 relationships that are mediocre just so that they get the “full package” on a regular basis.. quantity vs quality?

@CrisCris_ENT It’s no wonder so many people are breaking up nowadays.. smh. One day yall will understand..

@CrisCris_ENT Until then I guess our world will be full of mediocre relationships thriving off sex and “in the moment” attention.. smh lol……. I guess.

@CrisCris_ENT #ATTENTION Male followers: What do you consider a solid relationship that you’d cut all else off for?

@CrisCris_ENT I’m tired of hearing “niggas aint sh*t”.. “f*ck him”.. etc. If yall knew what was to be expected maybe we wouldn’t have relationship issues.

@CrisCris_ENT And #ATTENTION females: What do you really want?? Be real about your sh*t.. niggas don’t like being confused lol

@CrisCris_ENT If you want exclusivity then speak the f*ck up and if he don’t then keep it pushin’.. stop settling and getting mad when it dont work out.

@CrisCris_ENT #GUYS.. If a girl tell you to be REAL w her.. Be REAL.. smh. If u ready to move on then move on.. DONT lead her on!

@CrisCris_ENT And #LADIES.. if u tell a dude to be real w u.. Be ready for the truth and sh*t the #truthhurts sometimes but I promise it wont kill ya lol


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