Chris Brown “Yeah 3x”

Posted: November 11, 2010 in Chris Brown
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So Chris Brown is getting back on the scene.. not to say he ever left but we all know that society kind of shunned him a little after the incident with Rihanna. Anyway, he’s making changes to his sound left and right. Rapping.. more pop.. everything. My roommate and I were listening to this song and she said that this song “Yeah 3x” doesn’t work for Mr. Chris Brown; said that “he doin’ too much… and what’s with the Bermuda shorts” (lol)

I beg to differ. I think he’s stepping outside of the box. People get tired of hearing the same type of stuff all the time. I felt like he took a chance with this song. Whether it plays in his favor I guess will be up to the public, but I can definitely see this song played in the club or a warehouse blowout party with glow sticks and whatnot (lol).

Point is… it’s a good way to break away from what people stereotype Black men to sing or rap about. This song is hot! Check it out for yourself…

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