Hit or Miss??

Posted: February 3, 2010 in Def Jam, Mann, Rihanna

Here are some excerpts from Def Jam’s new artist, Mann’s biography on Myspace.

“…In August of 2008, Mann met with David Massey president of the newly re-formed legendary Jazz label Mercury Records now a part of Island Def Jam Music Group. Mann recalls “I met Dave in his hotel and the cd player barely worked but I performed my songs anyway and he was blown away”…. He is the first rapper signed to Mercury Records since Kurtis Blow.”

Rihanna and Mann backstage before the Grammy’s

I suggest starting this video at the 2:00 min mark.. whoever posted it did a bad job. Sorry guys.

If you want to see the official and properly edited version click here.

  1. Emmanuel says:

    He’s still very young but he has the confidence and charisma necessary to make the young girls swoon. Now that he’s hanging out with Jason Derulo he will get a big bump in visibility. The video for “Buzzin” will be very important and may make or break his career. If he shows the same chops that were apparent in the “Text” video he will have a nice 3+ year run in the spotlight. I’ll be rooting for him.

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