WTF of the day!

Posted: January 28, 2010 in General

“Can I get AIDS from swimming in a pool with black people??” <<< I typed this random statement in Google and amazingly, but not so amazing, so much racist crap popped up. It's ridiculous how ignorant people are… and to Blacks who argue with people who think like this… You look ignorant too. Why waste your time and energy over stupidity?? Statements like this are just a constant reminder of how the world really hasn't changed. Sure we have interracial schools, marriages, and so on… but even the best of friends who are different races still crack racial jokes to each other. I guess depending on your relationship with people maybe it's okay to you… but stuff like this is just crazy.

Here are some of the comments posted…

Q: I was at the pool today, and a black family got in. I immediately got out and checked inside of my shoe to see if they stole my wallet or phone. A few minutes later, my eyes got all red and watery. Did they give me the AIDS?”

These were some of the answers: Yes, Yes they did. I am glad you know how the world works!

nah bro you’re good…you prolly only have HIV which won’t develop into AIDS for at least 3 or 4 years.

Yes n*gger carry the AIDS virus, the excrete it through there nose (that is why it is so big) go to your family doctor immediately and get tested. But you will probably die. Sorry brosif.

look if this offends you mabye this will make you feel better, How do you starve a blck man?
You hide his food stamps under his work shoes!
Is that better you sensitive ass bitch!
kiss my ass n*gga!

It’s proven that no contact is required to get AIDS from blacks, so theoretically you could get it from them looking at you

Sadly, yes. But luckily you didn’t get the full effect of items people “out of place” See a doctor to see how badly you’ve been affected. Black people are a serious offence to deal with. The red eyes is stage one and a rash will come next. Be careful next time because it’ll get serious.

Not even a chance unless they had AIDS(which they could have regardless of race) and then got wounded and started bleeding. Proper chlorination should kill off the virus even then. Your red eyes, could be a sign that the pool has an inadequate ammount of chlorine and the chlorine isn’t dissolving properly. Have whoever is in charge of the pool test to make sure it has the right ammount.

you are incorrect. obviously you are just trying to make this person feel better. yes, you have aids… there is no doubt about it… if anybody tells you otherwise, they are only making fun of the fact that you even had to ask. see a doctor right away, and good luck.


Of course you have AIDS. It is common knowledge that AIDS is carried by not only all black people but also homosexuals. Now this begs the questions, what about black homosexuals? The answer is very simple. Super AIDS. A form of AIDS so powerful it only takes a single AID to kill your average heterosexual white man within seconds.

when did black people learn how to swim?

sure, the blacker where they, is the stronger the virus will be, dont even stare at them.. they can infect you, because you are a fucking monkey n*gger ;).

Hey Dumb ass…i feel that its my duty to let you know that yes…you do have aids….i have infected many a cracker in my day…..i’m pretty sure that the same black family that gave you aids are part of my kill the cracker help immediately….! : ) Best of Luck!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Wait…your offending half of me. That half sez, f*ck you! But wait, the ignorance is so funny, the white half has to laugh. I’ll be back…half to decide which side i’m on…lol.

I, myself, come from a mixed family so we tend to stay away from the racial comments and situations. I must say, acknowledging the fact that I am mixed just makes me that much more aware of the things people say. But it’s the world we live in, right… smh.

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