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Snoop Dogg’s “I Wanna Rock”

Malice N Wonderland dropped 12.8.09…

Detroit’s own Erica Hayes {Film Director and DJ} dropped her first mixtape 12/31.!

Click hear for free download.! Shit is mad dope.!

Check out his new hit Nothin on You ft. Bruno Mars

The SECRET: “Put God First”

Rihanna performed on New Years Eve wearing this… nice outfit, right? Apparently it was reported that she was paid half a million dollars to perform a concert in Abu Dhabi.

Rihanna was told to “cover it up” so as to not inflict protests in this Muslim region of the world. This is as covered up as it’s gunna get ladies and gentlemen. I mean, at least her breasts aren’t just like “BAM! I’m here!” LOL… all in all, her outfit was hot!

Nice look Rihanna.!